"This was as good, if not better than any haunted attraction that i have been to.  the actors are tremendous and stay in character throughout the whole show.  it is not a typical walk through haunted house, the actors and characters interact with you and make it even more creepy.  They make it an actual show which just adds to the general haunt.  the props and costumes are excellent and very detailed and realistic.  i am an avid halloween and haunted attraction enthusiast and this haunt is excellent!"  -Pete

"After working at the Trail of Terror for years, I thought I'd been conditioned to haunts. But Haunt on Eden brought something new to the table I can't quite articulate. They combined abstract fears like claustrophobia and the dark with things like blood and gore and clowns (appropriately timed for the new IT craze, I might add). It was an absolute whirlwind, combining interactive experiences with actors with unsettling costuming and makeup and even walking on uneven surfaces. Actors were literally walking on top of the walls for christ's sake. I loved being able to interact with the actors, interaction is really what makes a clown themed haunt work. They got a lot done in a very short amount of time. Well done, Haunt on Eden. Very well done." -Taylor K.

"Tonight was my first time at a haunted house ever and I had so much fun!!! The best 5$ I've ever spent!!!! I loved how all the actors are so into character!!!! They definitely scared the hell out of me. I can't wait until next year."  -Stephanie C.

"They are awesome every year!! My whole family gets excited seeing them start to build it since we live around the corner."  -Heather M.

"I loved it I when last year and i will be there this year. They all do a amazing job. Can't wait for freak show." -Mary A.

"One would never guess such a high level of detail could exist in a small haunt at someones home. If you like Halloween activities DON' T let this one pass you by! The acting, detail and scares are top notch!" -Mike D.

"It was a lot of fun!!  I can't imagine how much work was put into this haunted house. A great setting with so many details! ...but the wait was sooo long – it's popular, for a reason! -Geza-Marie W.

"I've gone three times in two years I love it so much, I'd go more if I could I love going through with friends!!" -Cariri P.

"OMG...we were just there 11/1 at The Haunted Asylum, Haunt on Eden, on Eden Avenue, Southington, and this is scarier than Haunted Graveyard at Lake Compounce! Rated more than 5 screams on a scale of 1 to 5. Thought we'd never find our way out of the asylum!  Everyone..Just GO! Thanks to the creative family that put this together. Bring your pet food donations." -dorothy w.

"40 screams between my niece Jasmin D and I. I recommend this place to anyone that will dare haha.. It's free but they take donations. Well worth a few bucks in the box. Just ask Cathy O. lol and she didn't even go in.  Great job. Very scary!" -jessica d.

"This place was awesome ! I think it's a great thing your doing and your set up it sooooo amazing would so go back to it. Thank you for the good time it's a 5 scream for me!" -deborah c.

"Twisted." -gino O.

"WOW! You guys did an awesome job, scared the crap out of me!" -heather m.

"The best haunted houses i have been to in long time. Great job creators and cast." -david m.

"Best Haunted house ever. Amazing. REALLY SCARY !!!! I recommend everybody go to this haunted house. But definitely don't go alone." -sarah b.

"Great job by all. Fantastic theatricals and plenty of screams. The whole family had a blast." -carla m.

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located at mount southington ski area

396 Mt Vernon Rd, Southington, CT  860.804.8895